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Innovative therapy developed by Dr. Busch is nationally recognized with the latest achievements providing confidence and reassurance to many patients seeking to maintain a more pain-free and fulfilling life

Fort Wayne, IN– Busch Chiropractic Pain Center has created a highly effective treatment for peripheral neuropathy, a prevailing malady with upsetting results. The Busch Neuropathy Protocol is a more favorable option of managing discomfort often linked with peripheral neuropathy.

Approximately 20 million Americans deal with this devastating ailment that it is usually linked to diabetes and chemotherapy medications. Neuropathy symptoms can also transpire in patients with restless leg syndrome, sciatic neuropathy. Though there are various causes, it has been associated with some statin drugs used to decrease cholesterol. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration disclosed that there are serious risks for neuropathy when taking prescriptions such as Cipro and Levaquin and others. These antibiotics come from a commonly prescribed type of antibiotics (flurorquinolones).

Lots of patients are suffering from symptoms of painful cramping, burning and throbbing, difficulty walking, pins and needles as well as interruption of sleep. The specialized treatment process offered at the Busch Chiropractic Pain Center consists of a number of treatment facets such as Infrared Therapy and Photo modulation. This treatment has long been well acknowledged worldwide, and these recent accomplishments offer hope for a lot more to live a more pain-free and satisfying life.

Numerous patients discover changes such as enhanced feeling, stability and mobility within a very short time. Patients who have been unable to sleep for several years because of numbness and prickling in their legs and feet; patients who have continuous pain and balance issues or have quit favorite as well as ordinary daily functions have found great relief with the drug-free Busch Neuropathy Protocol.

Dr. Richard E. Busch III, owner of the Busch Chiropractic Pain Center, said, “For over 18 years, we’ve used the DRS Protocol to successfully treat severe and chronic back and neck conditions, as well the symptoms of mechanical neuropathy.”.
Dr. Busch states he’s observed many clients dealing with peripheral neuropathy. “They have tried everything including potentially harmful medications and other painful testing and treatments. This can leave patients still struggling and wandering down the long road of endless disappointment. Now we are able to address the pain and symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy with The Busch Neuropathy Protocol, a successful, non-invasive, drug- free approach that includes the use of light therapy to stimulate tissue repair”.

Dr. Richard E. Busch III is a nationally identified chiropractor and writer and is professionally associated with Neuropathy Treatments Centers of America. Busch Chiropractic Pain Center is located at 5005 Riviera Court, Fort Wayne Indiana 46825, 1-260-471-4090 or 888-471-4090. http://www.neuropathytreatmentfortwayne.blogspot.com/