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Having a broken stove is one of the awful things that can happen to any home owner. But if your stove is not working, you should not be worried, you can diagnose problems and fix on your own without, incurring a single dime. To start with, most of malfunctions that affects stoves mostly involves faulty heating elements. But before doing anything on your electric stove, ensure it is unplugged, or remember to turn off electric power.

If your stove is heating unevenly, burners not working or timer not working, you should check the following before asking for professional help.

Little or no heat.

Before looking for a professional help, check the sensor.

Oven too hot.

Check why the oven is too hot by looking if thermostat or sensors are faulty. You should replace thermostat.

Will not heat.

You should examine key parts such as burner igniter. If the igniter is glowing for 90 minutes but the gas stops coming on, the igniter may be too weak to open the gas valve. There are three major reasons your burner may not be working; problem with the switch, wrong connections in the burner socket or the burner may be faulty. Before replacing the burner, you should thoroughly clean. Burners easily get clogged with dirt or grease which impedes the flow of the gas. Use a damp or soft cloth to wipe down your burner. If your burner is not working after checking connections and cleaning, you should replace the burner igniter.

If the bake element (it is located at the top of the oven) does not glow red when oven is ready to bake, the bake element is faulty, it should have burned out. Before replacing or even asking for professional help, set the oven to manual settings, turn the setting to bake and then broil to see if igniter will work. If igniters. If igniters are working but the oven does not bake, the bake element is faulty and should be replaced.

Broiler element. If the broiler element (it is located at the bottom of the oven) does not glow red when the oven is ready broil, it may faulty, probably have burned out, you should replace.

Though you can diagnose problem on your own, you cannot do repair yourself. Here are experts stove repair advice. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Appliance-Repair-of-Mesa/289031207927129


Don’t attempt to make major repairs on your own. Stoves are very sensitive appliance, by repairing yourself you will be putting your life and the life of your family at risk. Always look for professional repair.

Always use professional appliance repairman- most home owners re tempted to hire �unscrupulous’ appliance repairman because they offer relatively low charges. This has far much consequences in future. The advantage of using professional appliance repairman is that they offer up to 10 years warranty, which of course you will not get from backdoor repairman.

Don’t forget to ask for a written warranty. Most home owners forget to ask for a written warranty. It is only through a written warranty you can ask for redo or compensation in case of awful happenings.